Vista crashes while updating Only voice sex chat

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Within the game you will have options for modifying your video quality settings, you can try putting these settings at the minimum level or just a level lower than you currently have it set.

Try playing the game like this for a while to see if the problem continues to occur.

After completing the first and sometimes the second step, my computer will suddenly restart again and then the screen with state "Loading Files" and then come up with a screen that says Windows could not start and that it is scanning the files to repair.

Patches and hotfixes can become corrupted and could cause crashing.

Increasing the page file size will help the performance of your PC overall but more importantly it can help when running a resource intensive application.

To manually set the size of the paging file, click on the Start button and right-click on “My Computer” (for Windows XP) or “Computer” (for Windows Vista and 7).

If there are too many processes that are exceeding what the RAM can handle, then your computer might crash out the program.

There are a few ways you can disable background tasks to alleviate this issue. Follow the steps below to go through disabling background tasks and services using MS Config.

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