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Most of them reverted to standard time after World War I, and it wasn’t until the next World War that DST made its return in most of Europe.

If you think Daylight Saving Time is a good idea, thank New Zealand scientist George Vernon Hudson and British builder William Willett.

Dates falling into these overlapping periods may sometimes be given with both years: Example: January 30, 1648-9 refers to the historical calendar date of January 30, 1649 which was also January 30, 1648 under the legal/ecclesiastical calendar.

Use particular care when using dates from historical documents created before 1753.

Online versions of some of the major compilations are available online via ECCO.

These provide coverage of the period from 1716-1800 and may sometimes include statutes that are not included in the Statutes of the Realm.

Many earlier laws have also been assigned short titles by subsequent legislation.Today, about 40% of countries worldwide use it to make better use of daylight and to conserve energy. DST can cause health problems While Germany and Austria were the first to use DST in 1916, it is a little-known fact that a few hundred Canadians beat the German Empire by 8 years.On July 1, 1908, the residents of Port Arthur, Ontario, today's Thunder Bay, turned their clocks forward by 1 hour to start the world's first DST period.In 1895, Hudson presented a paper to the Wellington Philosophical Society, proposing a 2-hour shift forward in October and a 2-hour shift back in March.There was interest in the idea, but it was never followed through.

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