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(e) Location and tract designation sufficient to define its location and boundaries, and legal description of the tract boundaries in relation to existing plats and streets. (a) Location, names and widths of existing improved and unimproved streets and roads within and adjacent to the proposed subdivision.

(b) Location of any existing features such as section lines, section corners, city and special district boundary lines, and survey monuments.

In addition, the letter from a water purveyor providing a domestic water system shall state that they are able and willing to serve each and every lot within the proposed subdivision and that the conditions and estimated cost of providing such service be set forth.

A letter from a water purveyor shall further indicate that the water supply system proposed for the subdivision is adequate to meet the fire protection needs set forth by the appropriate fire protection agency.

(e) Public uses including schools, parks, playgrounds, and other public open spaces or facilities.

(d) The approximate location of streets and roads within and adjacent to the subdivision.

(c) Location of existing structures, irrigation canals and ditches, pipelines, waterways, and railroads, and any natural features such as rock outcroppings, marshes, wooded areas, and natural hazards.

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(h) Source, method, and preliminary plans for domestic and other water supplies, sewage disposal, solid waste disposal, and all utilities. (3) Overall transportation and traffic pattern plan. (5) Development plans of any common elements or facilities. (7) If the proposed subdivision has an unknown impact upon adjacent lands or lands within the general vicinity, the planning commission may require a potential street development pattern for adjoining lands to be submitted together with the tentative plan as part of the master development plan for the subject subdivision, so as to verify the nondetrimental impact of the subject subdivision upon adjacent lands. (1) Proposed deed restrictions or protective covenants, if such are proposed to be utilized for the proposed subdivision.(i) Names and addresses of all adjoining property owners. (a) Location, names, width, typical improvements cross-sections, approximate grades, curve radii and lengths of all proposed streets, and the relationship to all existing and projected streets.(b) Location, width and purpose of all proposed easements or rights-of-way and relationship to all existing easements and rights-of-way.(c) Location of at least one temporary benchmark within the proposed subdivision boundary.(d) Location, approximate area and dimensions of each lot, and proposed lot and block numbers.

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