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If you want a high intensity workout with a wonderful energetic staff this is your place!They give me the extra push in need and I enjoy working out as a result, I'm hooked!Bearfield and his co-founders say their unique bond as Southerners (Stell is from Texas; Bennings is from Georgia; Osborne is from Florida) also brings a spirit not often seen among their local colleagues."We're all from the South, so we are very open and gregarious," Bearfield says."We came to a place that is different than where we came from.Safety is also important to the instructors and owners -- no one wants you injuring yourself any more than you do!I highly recommend this kickboxing gym to anyone looking for a healthy, energizing boost in their day-to-day life.

Currently, HERE is working with the Technology Access Foundation (TAF), which has developed a STEM curriculum used in local schools, and Tech Diversified, a nonprofit that provides adult education and career counseling.I am so impressed with EVERYTHING about this place and this experience that I decided to keep track of my journey on my blog, I Run This Mother. Fellow members are super friendly making this place a such a supportive community.If you're even a little curious, DO THE WEB SPECIAL, PEOPLE, and then hit the mat and do the work! I always feel good after a workout and I feel like I have more energy throughout the day.The industry already doesn't accommodate women as well as we'd like them to.It was a long conversation, but an easy decision to make." "I definitely consider it a niche that needed to be filled," she says. A lot of the people that I've been meeting at the mixers are not originally from Seattle. I think it's a place where people can find that place of belonging." Students at the Technology Access Foundation Academy listen to a speech by Jesse Jackson in December.

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