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No one can deny his toughness, which has come to define his career.

A former track star at Duncanville High, he was nearly killed at the age of 26 during a freak accident while jogging.

He has filed a brief with the Supreme Court arguing that the Second Amendment provides citizens with an individual right to bear arms.

And he has gleefully battled perceived federal overreach in matters of environmental regulation, redistricting, and voter ID..

His daunting war chest of approximately million provides ample evidence that many politically active people across the state think the answer is yes (Pauken, by comparison, has raised less than 0,000).

Recently there have been several high-profile public officials who use wheelchairs, including current U. representative Tammy Duckworth, from Illinois, and former U. senator Max Cleland, from Georgia, both of whom were wounded during military service.

The men have remained close over the years, happily recalling the times when they first tried chewing tobacco on a football trip to Corsicana or pulled an all-nighter while puzzling over the periodic table. After a while he called for someone to join him, and the games of knockout began.

The property, a gorgeous piece of land between Glen Rose and Hico, belongs to Rickey. On his first round, he hit the pigeon, and as it came apart, he fired again and hit one of the larger fragments, an impressive shot.

He declared his campaign for governor in July, and while knife fights have broken out in several down-ballot races—the battle for lieutenant governor features a three-term incumbent fighting for his political life against three current officeholders—Abbott has escaped the prospect of a bitter Republican primary, drawing only a single, poorly funded opponent, former state party chair Tom Pauken.

And by mid-September, no Democrat had yet declared for the race either.

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