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DDSSettings)unmarshaller.unmarshal(new File(xmlfile Name)); For XML Schema, this method creates a Schema object that performs validation by using location hints specified in documents.

The returned Schema object assumes that if documents refer to the same URL in the schema location hints, they will always resolve to the same schema document.

Which is why it's stored in the XML file: ..Every example I see uses set Validating(true), which is now deprecated, so throws an exception.

This is the Java code I have so far, which seems to only do XML validation, not schema validation: OK, I've found the solution.

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This asusmption allows implementations to reuse parsed results of schema documents so that multiple validations against the same schema will run faster.

@icfantv our are right, I use: Schema schema = Schema Instance (XMLConstants.

In this respect i am unsure how you can create a general validating mechanism unless you keep a map of known JAXB class to Schema instance. We have resolved this issue without needing to maintain a map of JAXB classes.

You will have to create the Schema instances from the correspondingly available XSD, more info can be found here [1]. We implemented a Validation Event Collector, and set this to handle validation events coming from the unmarshaller.

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