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Best Chat Room for Russian speaking people all over world. Russia has world's longest Railway line which is 9200 Km, the entire journey non stop will take around 153 hours.World’s Largest Mc Donald's with 700 Seats is also located in Russia.Dispel the myths for yourself - join Russian for free and start meeting Russian girls today!Welcome to Online Russian Video dating & Cam chat room.

Men are often afraid of dating Russian girls because they think that the girls need their money to maintain expensive lifestyles.

It seems that one full journey through this rail itself is a challenge, however people who are doing this can easily make the balance between work and leisure activities like video chatting with local boys and girls from Russia.

You can very well imagine the power of Russia which has 8400 Nuclear weapons which no other country has.

However, a large percentage of the girls you will meet on a dating site like Russian are well educated with university degrees who can even communicate in basic (and even fluent) English.

They are not poor, illiterate girls as many men tend to believe.

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