Rules for relationships and dating pagdating ng panahon easy guitar chords

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By listening to your gut, paying attention to red flags, and understanding that actions speak louder than words, you cut down on wasted dating time.

In doing so, you not only avoid getting played, but you also greatly increase your chances of relationship success.

By going on a second date, you’ll gain a better understanding of who they really are and if you’d like to see them again.

Rule #2: Pay Attention to Red Flags Like those internal alarms that alert you to your gut feelings, you also have an alarm system to alert you to red flags. As a result, we often ignore red flags and find ourselves getting involved with inappropriate partners because we’re not paying attention.

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That means paying attention to red flags as they are presented to you on dates.By paying attention and screening out potential partners whose actions don’t match their words, you cut down on wasted dating time and make it that much easier to attract potential partners worth your time and energy.Rule #4: Don’t Play Games Successful singles know what goes around comes around.Rule #5: Know When to Say “Game Over” Just as you should not play dating games, you will want to avoid getting played.Like it or not, there are plenty of players on the dating scene.

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