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(Alexia was tech/lifestyle reporter with LAWeekly when this was filmed) What matters is that you are talking to others, don’t worry about how many people are following you.

Update: Alexia Tsosis is now a writer at Tech Crunch @Doctor Paradox Barb Dybwad, Senior Editor at Mashable.com, also blogs at One of the most powerful things about Twitter is connecting with people.

Sunday has always held the most precarious position of the three weekend sibling-days.

From school days, the dreaded Sunday blues would descend at the thought of all the homework, assignments and studying left to the last minute.

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@Percival Founder of Lala Wag, Sean helps companies build compelling online and mobile experiences. If you are a person or a brand, the story will be different. Paint a whole picture for them whether it is your product or yourself. At the time of the interview, Andrew Nystrom was Senior Producer Social and Emerging Media at the LA Times where they sustain this array of Twitter accounts. I will forgive this if you are a particular customer service source that I need.Learn how to Twitter from pros who use Twitter and other social media tools successfully in their business and their personal lives. @Mari Smith Mari is described by Fast Company as the “Pied Piper of Facebook”.This video collection of insights from smart people who have been using Twitter for years will help you get started in the right direction. Pick a memorable user name, customize your Twitter page.Today we take calls on the subject of “What got you started in reformed theology?” We speak with several guests on the phone and in the chat room about the books and resources that influenced them in their interest and study of reformed theology.

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