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Jasmine and Tyrie ended up last place -thank God no Robin & Mark, who were second to last-, and were directly sent into the Dome.Johnny and Camilla decided that it was a nice thing to bring back Johhny’s old issues and sent in Rachel and Aneesa.The preview of next episode looked interesting to me, some CT and Diem drama… Their comments are hilarious and I love seeing them work together ’cause it’s so much fun to watch. Do agree with Robin saying that she has no say at all in making their decisions, which in one way, I understand, but I do think it’s unfair. With them as well, I think their personal issues are breaking in to their performance.The fact that CT is by far the strongest and most athletic dude in the house and them not having won a thing yet, proves that, since Diem is quite a good competitor in my book too.

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This episode was filled with drama and fun, awesome to watch in my opinion.But, well, here I am, with my little view on episode four, which started of with a fun animal party, in which the beautiful Robin decided a vampire’s also an animal.And I completely agree with her on that point, so yeah, no worries on that one!Tyrie and Jasmine had a fight, Johnny & Camilla put Wes and Mandi first during the challenge… What was new however was the fact that Sarah and Vinny were the winners of the “Hook Me Up” challenge.Now, who would’ve thought that gaining weight would do any good to Vinny? This episode also showed the gang going out to a club and I think most people could already predict what would be going down in there; trouble. The Dome ended up being good ol’ Wes and Mandi against Naomi and Leroy.

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