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But, as Those People Who Study Human Behavior say, "For a man the window of going from friendship to dating never closes, but for a woman it remains open only for a single period of time, and when that time has passed, it remains closed." There. Now you don't have to waste your time watching this drivel.

With a year in Los Angeles under their belts in Season 2 of "The Hills," Lauren Conrad and her friends Heidi, Audrina, and Whitney learn that being young women in the big city isn't as easy as they thought.

Though the conceit of this Laguna Beach spin-off was to have Lauren at its core, her friends are as instrumental to the drama as she is.

When the debut season of The Hills ended, Lauren had passed up the opportunity to work in Paris for the summer to live in a beach house with her vaguely Neanderthal-ish boyfriend Jason.

He even sets up Lauren with his one-dimensional friend Brody (son of Olympian Bruce Jenner) to ensure that he's assured of even more camera time.

Spencer guilts Heidi into doing what he wants, but she is guilty of lacking a spine when it comes to standing up to him.

Heidi takes a break from Spencer but finds herself missing him more than she'd like.

Lauren has to plan a Teen Vogue dinner but takes a backseat to super-intern Emily from New York.6 - YOU HAVE CHOSEN.

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