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Media from more than 100 markets will join us in Hong Kong.

It’s not just editors from many of the world’s most influential publications, but market shaping industry reporters from leading technology and trade publications and blogs.

“I don’t want to send them out with someone and have one of my members have a really bad experience.” Why you might ask?

Anteros International’s clients are high-profile men and women across a variety of different industries (think: bankers, entrepreneurs, CEOs and the like) — people who apparently have no problem getting dates but don’t have the time to be dating the wrong people.

So I did a year of research and studying at the Matchmaking Institute in New York. KK: After an initial consultation, we follow up with some really extensive interviews to get an idea of what our client is looking for, their values and what their lifestyle is and then we match based on those things.

KK: I think that there are a couple of things at play. If you meet when you get off work and the only place to meet someone is a bar then you are automatically starting on this ground where no one is really looking for anything serious.

KK: Hong Kong is a transient city so everyone is always in a transient mindset.

If something goes slightly wrong in a relationship, they’ll think some new person will be in town the next week so they can just meet someone else.

Kapur, who met her own husband while matchmaking, talks to us about what it’s like to date in Hong Kong, the realities of matchmaking and how to snag the perfect match: Lifestyle Asia (LSA): So tell us a bit about Anteros International. Kaitlin Kapur (KK): I decided to launch Anteros (read: Greek for the god of requited love) because when I first moved to Asia, I was meeting the most fascinating people but they were all single and complaining about how they’re not able to meet anyone they really get on with.

After I started working with a local matchmaker here [in Hong Kong], I realised that if you’ve been internationally educated or an expat, your dating needs tend to be very different from someone that’s born and raised here. KK: You don’t need to get certified but when you’re dealing with people’s personal lives, I think it’s really important to have an ethical framework for how to handle these things and how to deal with things like confidentiality.

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