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All are united by one thing: they are here to find a husband. Greenwald is the hottest thing to hit America's dating scene since Sex and the City.

She is a slick graduate of the elite Harvard Business School who believes the ruthless rules of commerce can be applied to the hunt for a mate.

She will arrive in Britain in January when the UK edition is published.

Curiously, its title will be rounded down by five years to become The Program: How To Find a Husband After Thirty.

Tara Lawrence, editor of the British edition for Time Warner Books, explained: 'We went for 30 because it has more resonance for people here.

In the States they don't bother with big 30th birthday parties, but in Britain the age has impact, especially for women.' She said the book was distinct from the self-help guides that have flooded the shelves in recent years.

She says that it is chauvinistic to refer to her tactics in that manner.

She looks every inch the serious and successful businesswoman she is. 'There are some tactics that will make you feel uncomfortable,' she adds. Greenwald says those following her method must create a separate 'find a husband' bank account.

She also advocates 'auditing' and conducting 'exit interviews' - getting a third party to contact unsuccessful dates for feedback.

She insists that around 70 per cent of men, if asked, will be candid.

She admits that, once her lectures are over, only about half of those present usually feel they can commit to The Program. The first big intake of breath comes when she talks about spending money. She recommends putting 10 per cent, or perhaps even 20 per cent, of total income into it.

'Are you willing to do things that are illegal or immoral? This will pay for new clothes, gifts, a hairdo, a computer for internet dating... It is at this point that many in the audience seem to grasp how big a commitment Greenwald is asking for. It means cancelling subscriptions to newspapers so that you have to go and read them in public.

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