Fiona apple dating

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I will love you forever," Annie Clark later wrote on Instagram, sharing a picture of the two.

"It’s very silly to make something like David Bowie’s death about me—it has nothing to do with me—but I will say that I was really affected," she told "Song Exploder" Podcast.

By the time I came of age, it was still the great musical decade of the ~'90s~.

I can't imagine what kind of hot mess I would have turned out to be had I been nothing but a meek adolescent in the sugar-pop, baby-voice era of the early I often hear people say there is a massive personality gap between older Millennials and younger Millennials, and I personally chalk it up to the vast difference in popular music, not technology. You grew up with the Christinas and the Britneys, and I grew up with the Fionas and the Toris.

Both are equally fierce and both have valid places in our culture, but they're entirely different breeds of artists with entirely different styles and agendas.

And our first great influencers are musicians, right?

Cara Delevingne turned 24 this week and, as expected, she received a lot of birthday love. " she wrote along with a picture of Delevingne joining her onstage during her 1989 tour.

Taylor Swift, one of her BFFs, posted to Instagram in celebration of everything that makes Delevingne unique. Thanks for making my life more exciting, spontaneous and imaginative. "Happy Birthday.#caraasfionaapplesalbumcoverfortidal," she captioned the closeup pic of Delevingne's stunning face and famous brows. Of course Clark would compare her longtime love to Fiona Apple for her birthday—it's as unique as Delevingne is herself. That uber closeup artwork (and, coincidentally, the album is celebrating a big birthday itself this year—the big 2-0).

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The duo took their courtship to the next level earlier this week, teaming up in a professional sense for Gomez's latest music video, "Fetish." The clip, which also features Gucci Mane, features a very moody Gomez slumping around the suburbs, periodically placing objects in her mouth that should not be there—glass, soap, an eyelash curler, et al—before fulling breaking down in a freezer full of frost and peaches.

Antonoff shared a photo with MTV on Monday of his favorite memory of attending the 1997 VMAs as a young child.

"I was in that age where it was very cool to ask everyone for pictures," he explained.

Following the video's debut, Gomez and Collins came together to discuss the creative collaboration for ." Sometimes celebrities are not just like us.

You Aren't The Only One Obsessed With Those ASMR Videos Another inspiration for the clip?

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