Delphi word screenupdating

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Summary: Learn how to automate the creation and formatting of tables in Word.

This article considers some of the major aspects of using the Word object model to work with tables.

One of the bigger mysteries for developers unfamiliar with the Word object model is determining the most appropriate method to automate the creation and formatting of tables in Word. In this article, I discuss: I will show you the code, with samples in classic Microsoft Visual Basic and C#.

To insert a paragraph into the current document, all the user needs to do is double-click on it in the list of existing paragraphs.

Start by creating a new ADX COM Add-in in Visual Studio using Add-in Express for Office and

This is accomplished by using the Add method of the Document objects’ Hyperlinks collection. The final result should be similar to the following image: Thank you for reading. The final design of the custom task pane, should resemble the following image: With the task pane open in the Visual Studio designer, double-click the Add Document button to generate a Click event handler stub.Add the following code to the event handler: The code listed above will open a file dialog, with which the user can select a MS Word document.In addition, there may also be security and access issues involved, requiring additional layers of protection.The developer is therefore increasingly confronted with the task of transferring data into Word, whether in the form of tables, or as part of the document text.

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