Dating a guy with a girlfriend

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Try to put yourself in her shoes and see if you like it. I would talk with him about why he did that and try to find a solution for him, his girlfriend and me if it is possible to talk with him in a normal way.If that isn't the case, I would try to find out the phone number of his girlfriend and try to warn her.If this situation happens, I think you should take some time out to think through what has happened. If you feel happy with the situation it's your choice to stay or not.I then think you should come clean and tell the girlfriend in honesty what happened and how you also feel about the situation If a guy cheats on his girlfriend with you. You need to leave that relationship and find a man who is good at golf and likes to score a hole in one and not a hole in three. It may not be what you want to do but even for your benefit it will help yourself in the long run. If you don't, do what you feel would be best for YOUR health, no one else's.

You should always try and think as if you were in her shoes.Telling the afflicted party will likely not stop the behavior and could potential endanger your own safety.If the person you were involved with ever threatens you for discontinuing the behavior, please take steps to guarantee your own safety and notify relevant parties (including potentially authorities) regarding these threats.That saying "old habits die hard" is correct 99% of the time but, if you trust that he is doing this because he wants to be with you - and I mean he goes into detail that this is for you specifically - than it's up to you if you feel comfortable trusting him to be a loyal and honest partner.Just remember: you can't change anybody but yourself.

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