Baekhyun and taeyeon dating

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Celebrity couple news always breaks the hearts of fans.However, there are some couples who are irrefutably great together, while the others… Here are some rumored couples that are (thank goodness) dating became a hot topic. Not a lot of fans like hearing their idols dating officially, so the news about their break ups may have brought the fans in peace.

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The latest official comment made by YG Entertainment, says that the rumors were not true at all, and G-Dragon is busy with working for his solo album.

Although many fans refused to believe even a second of it, there were some alleged proofs that caused a confusing riot between the public.

The heart shaped ring that both idols wore were posed in the similar time frame of the idols’ trip out to Paris for a fashion show.

It’s usually the girlfriends who wear their boyfriend’s shirts or clothing.

Hmm, guess there needs to be more evidence to say that they are back together, but clearly, this is the first sign.

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