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It’s not as simple as entering some credit card information and hitting “Buy”, of course, because you need to find some chemistry with the match you meet – but finding a date on the web isn’t generally too hard.The question, though, is how safe is it to meet someone in person that you’ve connected with through a dating site or app?

A name, a state, and (if you can get it) a birth date will be great bits to start with, but if you can’t get the birth date, it’s still ok! It’s a great idea to do a background check yourself, even if you are using a website which may offer some safety information.Still, should someone research their date, or is it an enormous invasion of privacy?If you’re the type who wants to know everything about a first date, including where they grew up and their college major, finding a stranger online isn’t all that difficult.Once you see what’s possible with the power of the Internet and a legitimate website, you’ll feel confident in running background checks for any potential dates you might have.In this day and age, with a world of information at our fingertips, it’s just good practice to screen for our safety as much as possible.

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