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But really, isn’t that an attempt to solve the problem by adding on more of the same?More tedious questions, to which users might simply provide what they think is the “correct” response, rather than what they feel? On existing dating sites (Lava Life, Plenty of Fish,, etc) you don’t date online at all.Rather, you search and email (and possibly IM) online.Hi, i would like to take the time to share my opinion with you! For 1, its pathetic, and its pathetic that everyone thinks they have to run to a dating site just to find someone, its not true that the only way to find someone is on a blooming dating site!!!

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In sum, the current state of online dating is dire. There’s no real “experience” to it, and it’s a very poor predictor of real-world chemistry. Setting up a community in which members can enjoy experiences together — in which they can actually date online — will be a lot of work.

It’s only by sharing experiences that you can tell whether there’s real chemistry, real potential for a future.

Online dating sites must become more like the real world.

Yet online dating sites don’t allow you to share experiences online.

Rather, they simply grant you access to a database.

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