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Karen, meanwhile, is a bitter health care professional who obviously has a lot of heart but never shows it. In Los Angeles, the therapist Karen (Annette Bening) is a bitter woman that nurses her terminal mother Nora with the support of her maid Tracy (Carla Gallo) that has a little daughter.

She gave up a daughter at the age of fourteen (wonderfully shown rather than told, she is the young girl and mother of Elizabeth), and has never gotten over it - her bitterness inspiring her to lash out at everyone around her - even the gentle man at work who is undeniably ... Karen misses her unknown daughter that she gave for adoption thirty-seven years ago when she was fourteen years old.

The infertile baker Lucy wants to be a mother and her desire costs her marriage.

The bakery owner Lucy (Kerry Washington) wishes desperately to adopt a child since she can not have a baby but her husband Joseph (David Ramsey) is not supportive to the idea.

The efficient lawyer Elizabeth (Naomi Watts), who is Karen's daughter, is an independent and promiscuous woman that does not want to have a baby and has tubal ligation.

When she joins the law firm of Paul (Samuel Jackson), she has a love affair with him and becomes his mistress.

In the end, there is redemption with the second chance for Karen.

The tech community tonight experienced its version of an earthquake.

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