Xbmc library not updating

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Can somebody point me in the right direction of automation?Thanks, Matt Please disable "Verbose" logging When logs (server or client app) are requested for an investigation, please do NOT turn on "verbose" logging unless it is explicitly requested.I've also removed some of these old entries from the library and run another deep scan..do not return.Plex Media indicates that the subdirectory /mediastorage2/TV/Homeland is added for the scanner.If you are playing an audio or video file when the timer starts it can skip the library update process until it is completed so that you're media experience is not interrupted.Updating a specific Video Path, and Cleaning the Music/Video libraries is now supported.I have a main media server PC with XBMC installed wiht all of my media on External Hard Drive.You can get a new skin to change the look of Kodi, or install the PVR addon to watch and record your favourite tv shows.

The Scheduler automatically scans at set intervals or time of day, the Watchdog monitors the library folders for changes and triggers a scan automatically if new content is added.To download this Add-On, we highly recommend you do it via the user interface in Kodi.Simply look for the "Get More" button in the Add-Ons menu.For some reason, bringing up the info window allows the icon to be refreshed.This would be manageable for a few moview, but I have over 900 left and I don;t want to have to do this over and over.

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