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“And I have to admit that, towards the end of the week (since the chairs were taken out pretty fast in the mornings, especially those that were really warm and sunny), I developed a core of ‘regulars’ for whom - for an extra 3d or so - I would put out a row of chairs with towels on them, as though occupied, until they arrived about 10am when most would already be occupied. “Anyway, it looks as if it will not pay me to come back and take another job like that with today’s council. A poolside birthday party in San Diego ended in tragedy when a gunman opened fire from his deckchair, killing a woman and wounding six other people.

Apparently, today’s seashore visitors prefer the kind of comforts they find on holidays abroad, and like to settle on sands or promenades with a degree of elegance.75 per cent did not support any increase in income from changing the policy being used to provide free or subsidised swimming for disabled people at Weymouth Swimming Pool.“The results of the consultation clearly demonstrated that the current scheme is highly valued by residents and therefore they are keen for it to be retained.” Councillors will be told an Equalities Impact Assessment was carried out as part of the review, and it suggests changing the current age threshold for people eligible for free deckchairs.But members of next Monday’s policy development committee will be urged to keep the free deckchair policy as it is after a consultation came out in favour of continuing the concession.A report says: “There were a total of 370 respondents with 81 per cent supporting a continuation of the current policy.

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