World of warcraft dating service

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He looks up at the colourful sign once more, hesitates as he glances at the heavily decorated windows, slowly takes a deep breath and -The door abruptly opens up from the inside.

Khadgar freezes and stares up at the person who opened it, and his heart skips a beat.

The Karazhan Dating Service seems to be just as legendary as all his friends and acquaintances told him; a service that offers the best advice as well as guarantees a partner.

Medivh looks at Khadgar again and puts his hands together. ” he asks, handing him a sheet that was tucked away behind Songweaver’s profile.

Gold trimmings almost matches his smooth, golden locks and brings attention to his astonishingly emerald eyes.

For a second, Khadgar is reminded of someone else’s amused eyes.

Medivh runs the legendary Karazhan Dating Service, where everyone is guaranteed to end up with their life partner.

However, his newest client, Khadgar, sets an even more legendary challenge to the dating service. Khadgar stands in front of the small but quaint building, nervous as he debates for the last time whether or not he should enter it.

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Khadgar is still admiring the view of the river and enjoying the cool summer breeze when Songweaver hands clasped over his, startling him.

I’m sure they will appreciate your fantastical knowledge.”Khadgar nods, filing the information away for later use.

It is rather sound advice, and he’s grateful that it was given to him.

”Just as he succeeds in getting Songweaver off of him and is about to smash his glass on the floor to get the attention of someone - anyone, their server rushes over quickly, gently easing away the glass from Khadgar’s tight grip and grasping Songweaver’s shoulders to steer him away from Khadgar.

The server gives Khadgar one more apologetic look before whispering to him, “Get out of here!

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