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I stood for a long minute or 2 trying to catch my breath and regain my composure. 'Her comment about doing it together hit me wrong, all wrong. You did it for yourself and now you want to make me think we did it together? But perhaps because I have come to see my sex with another as foreplay for my lovemaking with my husband, it is appropriate.

Then I straightened my dress and hair and walked into the lobby to find my shy date for the evening. Somehow, I am not cheating if I share everything with my husband.

At the time I was very bothered that my husband would even tell anyone about me, much less share spicy details. Then it sort of excited me that somebody knew about me.

Pretty soon, I was imagining what they were doing, almost like being a voyeur. As I was crying, I hoped she would not come home and see me that way. I went into the bathroom and washed my face and hands.

I first thought that his fantasy was crazy or abnormal.

Then I read the literature and realized how common it is.

He purchased some sexy outfits for me and I wore them when we went out of town.

I experience again the pleasure of being noticed by other men! I loved it when they looked at my cleavage without a care that I was looking at their eyes. My husband encouraged me and bought me sexy underwear and lingerie.

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