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“I was at the lab for high-energy astrophysics, which is, […]to do high-energy astrophysics […] one of the best places in the States, and in the world.

So I got to continue the research I like to do,” Safi-Harb says.

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After her time at NASA, it was a new and exciting opportunity that brought her to Winnipeg. There was an opportunity to actually start a graduate program in astronomy […] and teach courses at the upper level in astronomy,” says Safi-Harb.

“So that’s what really excited me about this position.” The Hitomi satellite launch Safi-Harb, along with two other Canadian scientists, worked on CAMS, a system designed for the Hitomi (formerly named Astro-H) satellite.

The vibration will cause the image to not be well-focused,” said Safi-Harb.

“What CAMS does, with the laser technology, is to actually re-focus the light and see the images much sharper.” This is not the first time scientists have attempted this mission.

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The most popular of our sex contacts pages are definitely our city directories.The mission has failed twice in the past, the second time having occurred about a month after the launch.“It was a very depressing time, because people have worked so hard on this mission,” says Safi-Harb.Universities in Lebanon do not offer physics past the master’s level, and Safi-Harb eventually left the country to pursue her passion, moving to the United States to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison.After receiving her master’s and Ph D in physics in Wisconsin, Safi-Harb completed a fellowship at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland.

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