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From the AP article entitled “Pittsburgh Has a New Attitude“: PITTSBURGH – Note to Pittsburghers: Take what you think you know about the Steel City, wad it up into a little black-and-gold ball and throw it away. My other self-united husband Matt Lamanna was interviewed by ABC News … I don’t know any babies named for places, but the other day at a child’s birthday party at a local party joint, there was a big sign that said, “Happy 6th Birthday, Kyocera! Unfortunately, he’s not featured in the online video, so you’ll have to imagine him smiling in your head … (h/t Guardie, Jim Lo, and someone else whose email I deleted) 3. Wendy Bell emailed me a link to this which she tells me her “super cool sis” sent her. If I saw David Conrad in THIS little stretchy terry number on the right: I’d divorce his ass. Sonni Abatta emailed me to tell me that the dude that plays the news director on Back to You is a CMU grad. The PG wants to know if you know any babies named for a place? and some of you are going to snark because he says he doesn’t know what ice fishing is. That’s what the organizers of Pittsburgh’s 250th birthday celebration are hoping that people from here – and around the country – will do next year. My imaginary self-united husband Daniel Sepulveda drops some religion on Go Magazine. some of you are going to flip because he says he wants to have dinner with George W. This loser IS aware that anyone can click on this link and see a picture of his married, thin woman-hunting self, right? And just in case he takes it down, I saved his picture. “His legs are too little to walk so far,” she explained.Jeremy Renner and Sonni Pacheco's custody battle for daughter Ava is taking an ugly turn. News, Renner and Pacheco's roommate, Kristoffer Winters, alleges that Pacheco married the actor in order to obtain a green card and "improve her financial situation." He also contends that Pacheco threated to extort Renner with explicit videos prior to their daughter's birth."I heard Sonni say at least five or six times when we were together at the Franklin house that Jeremy should be nice to her and not fight her on green card or money issues or else she would release intimate videos of him to TMZ," the documents state.

WPXI has a great video of the Steelers fashion show. You’ll also see Daniel Sepulveda do a little dance that isn’t too unlike something the Chippendales would do. Second of all, you know what it would take for me to doze off underneath an SUV? It was like that lady on Telemundo or Galavision or some other Mexi Gala Tele station that just sits there and reads you the newspaper. Alison Morris walking her hella cute dog or Sonni Abatta and her family? I bet you’d ask THAT dad for his daughter’s hand in marriage. First of all, I’m guessing the HUSBAND let the air out of the tires. I have never heard the expression, “That’s it, Fort Pitt.” (h/t Erica) I’m so fickle. Yesterday, they had to broadcast their noon news FROM A CHAIN LINK FENCE with no teleprompter. Probably a light fixture on Newlin Archinal’s head. The goal of the Adopt–A–Bone campaign is to raise 0,000 for the exhibit. Mon went and put i Justine’s eyebrows on some famous paintings. She apparently fell asleep under the vehicle and became trapped after someone let the air out of the tires. The Caffeinated Librarian points out a North Carolina insurance agent enticing ex-Burghers with a free Terrible Towel and lots of Burgh-speak. Do you guys think that WPXI intentionally regularly sprinkles their newscasts with a smattering of bloopers, technical difficulties, gaffes, anchors falling asleep, and “computer crashes” just to get people to tune in? I cannot stop watching this train wreck of a news station. Adopt–A–Bone is an innovative campaign that allows members of the public to “adopt” their very own dinosaur bones … They said she went to spy on him by crawling under an SUV outside her husband’s alleged girlfriend’s house in the 1300 block of Oakridge Street. Apparently The Chin isn’t the only Burgher that headed to North Carolina. Screw giant SUVs incapable of detecting the presence of evil. From a press release: Carnegie Museum of Natural History kicks off the public campaign of Adopt–A–Bone on Tuesday, October 16 with a press conference from to p.m.

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