Who is santana dating laura marling and johnny flynn dating

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'', Brett smirks '' Picking up my girlfriend, school is over and it's time for our date.''Puck stands up with a big smile and gives Brett a bro hug '' Good luck'', '' Thanks'' Brett whispers with a chuckle.

Quinn looks at them confused '' Who is dating the biggest badass and hottest boy in the school?

Santana is dating Puck's best friend and teammate Brett Pierce.

'' Woah babe it's beautiful'''' Not as beautiful as you'' Brett whispers and cringes a little bit as he hears how cheesy that sounded, Santana chuckles and asks. '''' Yeah'' Brett says with a small smile Santana looks at Brett in shock and says '' But babe that is too expensive'''' Nothing is too expensive for you babe'' Brett whispers with a small smile Santana gives Brett a peck on the lips and looks at the pendant, she grabs her cellphone as she sees something in the pendant.

Artie five months ago Brett slushied you and threw you in a dumpster, that is because you said that Santana was a bitch.

Quinn you have to thank Santana for holding him back, he wanted to attack you because he doesn't care if he hits a boy or girl nobody says something bad about his girl.'''' Why don't we see them act all couply in school?

Santana and Brett both sit on their favorite tree in the park and look at the pond, Brett wraps his arms around Santana from behind and gives her a kiss on the cheek.

Santana lays her head against his shoulder and sighs contently.

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