Who is raphael saadiq dating first rule of dating

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British soul star Joss Stone is racing to explain a saucy photo in the booklet accompanying her new album - because fans think it confirms a romance with producer Raphael Saadiq.The sexy singer and Saadiq appear naked, in an embrace, with their bodies painted for the eye-catching shot - but Stone insists it's supposed to be an artistic statement, and nothing sexual.His bio elaborates his interest in playing snooker in leisure time and also moving far away from city with his girlfriend.With limited information available to media there is not clarification on sexuality.He is family man who is closely attached with mother.Belonging from large family he is taking equal care and responsibility of family members.

But neither of them responded to the stories, and never confirmed their status as a couple.The gossip blog grapevine is telling us that 19-year-old Joss Stone is dating Raphael Saadiq, who is in his forties! Anyhow, Joss has been known to date black men, so this isn’t too much of a stretch for her …She recently said, "He is from Oakland, I'm from Devon, England; he is 40, I am 19; he is American, I'm English. It's, like, two completely different people." But Lemar insists Stone has confessed the truth to him.

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