Who is mike myers dating

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Tisdale and Myers began dating shortly after his split from Ruzan.Tisdale, who is said to be in her 30s, was previously romantically linked to musician Moby, with whom she founded the New York café Teany.She graduated from Suffolk University with a degree in international affairs and government.She moved to New York City and worked at Human Rights Watch.Kelly Tisdale was born in Templeton, Massachusetts in March 1977.That makes her 40 years old, more than a decade younger than the 54-year-old Myers.But it seems Hollywood star Mike Myers is quite the man of mystery when it comes to his personal life.

Myers used Ruzan's mother Linda as the inspiration for his popular "SNL" skit "Coffee Talk" and credited Ruzan herself for encouraging him to make the "Austin Powers" films.

He is expected to reprise his role as Powers in a fourth film, due for release in 2013.

'I'd tell him about a movie and he's say, "Great Mike, so when are you going to have kids? I had a great dad and always wanted to have the experience and I'm having it now...

She is not an actress, but is involved in Hollywood.

She has worked in the art department as a scenic artist for the 1997 TV show, Erotic Confessions.

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