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large Greek Orthodox community, considered heretics at the time and so only allowed the use of this small and non-central church.

In 1498 they were further given permission to establish a Scuola here, in the name of St Nicholas.

As early as 1511 Greek soldiers had been petitioning the Council of Ten to grant them larger premises, as they were not happy sharing San Biagio which due to the 'mixture of peoples, tongues, voices and services ... It was also too small for their growing congregation and had no space for burials, so that they were forced to 'mingle our bones with those of galleymen, porters and other low creatures' burying their dead 'upon the public way' where they were 'dug up up and thrown into the water within a few days of burial' to make way for others to be buried, this being the sole source of income for the poor church. Closed in 1810 and reopened in 1817 as the parish church of the Navy.

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It could refer to a square (agora), a fishing site (bragolare: to fish), or a marshy area (brago) combined with a stagnant canal (gora).It was finished well after Vivaldi's death, but it is said to be possible that the composer advised the architect, Giorgio Massari, on the positioning of the choirs and the use of a vestibule to provide a barrier to the noises of the Riva.Massari had won a competition in 1735 to provide plans for the reconstruction of the whole complex, but only the church was ever built. You might get a limited look around when the box office is open, but otherwise you'll have to stump up for tickets to listen to a concert of (reportedly unsparkling) performances of Vivaldi concerti to get a good look.The complex had been enlarged in 1388, and modernised in 14.The current building dates from a rebuilding of the chapel of the Piet between 1745-60 on a new site.

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