Who is lil wayne currently dating 2016

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At that point, it didn't matter to me when it f--king happened...because the f--king happen." Or at least it would be messed up ...

were it not for the fact that Drake hooked up with the woman in question before Wayne even met her: "As a man, honestly, that s--t hurt..not because it was Drake," quoth Weezy. We guess the takeaway from all this is that Lil Wayne is kind of a sh--ty, judgmental boyfriend.

The following report on the break up was posted last year by “They’ve broken up a few times before.

And I think the best thing is to preserve our friendship and not ruin it trying to force it…He received street cred points for not snitching in exchange for a lighter sentence, but the added badass points came at a hefty price.The rapper spent eight months in Rikers, and received a form of cruel and unusual punishment outlawed by the Geneva Convention: Finding out that Aubrey Drake Graham did the nasty with the woman you love.and Hulu shows, and working on her album with Wayne.It doesn’t help that Wayne is all over the place too.

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