Who is devendra banhart dating now

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"I live here, in this castle," he says, gesturing at the château, with an impish twinkle that makes him look more than ever like the pixie king of the hippies. That's where the servants live," he adds, waving at the lodge-cum-dressing-room: "Young, elfin women that shave the callouses on the soles of my feet daily..."Banhart emerged to acclaim in 2002 with 'Oh Me Oh My', a debut album of mellifluous folk songs that sounded sharp and happy to be alive, rather than merely nostalgic for a 1967 that Banhart (he's now 24) is too young to have known.

As for his hippie-chic, timeless quaver of a voice, and lyrics about beards, teeth, the cosmos and animals, he carried the role of a man out of time and place naturally.

Around this time, he studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and lived homeless in Paris; then a move to New York in 2001 introduced him to his afore-mentioned "family", as well as Antony of Antony and the Johnsons (whose 'I Am a Bird Now' album features Banhart's heady incantations on one song), and the former member of the Swans, Michael Gira, who released 'Oh Me Oh My' on his Young God Records label.

Did this itinerant background prepare him for touring, you wonder. "What I used to do with my mom and then alone was walk as long as we could until we had to stop.

Seems like this couple sure is heating up fast this month! Portman can soon be seen making a guest appearance in Devendra‘s upcoming music video, “Carmensita”.

They did a thing together for Interview Magazine and knowing her track record, there’s no doubt she had him in other ways too. And although friendship with Lilo certainly isn’t as life-threatening as friendship with Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton, it’s still not exactly something to be proud of it.Often dismissed as a new age bearded hipster, Banhart's artwork has been displayed in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and his compilation record of like-minded artists, The Golden Apples of the Sun (2004), is seen as kick-starting the New Weird America movement.In 2009 he released What Will We Be, a record which received him a Grammy nomination for Best Recording Package.Natalie Portman holds hands with heavily bearded musician boyfriend Devendra Banhart during a romantic walk through New York City on Thursday afternoon.The couple walked hand-in-hand, while walking Nat‘s pet pooch.

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