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Like you can tell that it’s Southern but you’ve never heard anything like this before, so I’m excited about it.” Banner also spoke on the importance of a conscious community.

“I’ve been doing lectures all over the United States and now I’m about to go global with my lectures and like we’ll see today, usually it’s 500 to 1200 people every time I speak now, so I’ve realized that in order for me to expect my people to buy a conscious album, I have to do my part on making sure they are conscious.

He's like, "dude, you have a blood pressure problem that you need to handle." That's pretty scary. Macaroni and cheese is probably the hardest thing for me, so is fried chicken, but what I tell people is this: once you submerge yourself into healthy eating, I am willing to bet any amount of money that you will find the same amount of healthy things that you like and dislike, that you would unhealthy things. There's certain healthy salad dressings that taste as good as the unhealthy ones, but you just have to take the time out to submerge yourself in that world to find those things. How hard is it to eat healthy when you're away from home? One thing I learned from LL Cool J: it's just as easy to stop at a grocery store. Surprisingly enough, I got more support than anything.

I don't know a city that doesn't have a grocery store. T-Pain came up to me and said he lost 30 lbs because of me.

On “Elvis” he boldly raps about Michael Jackson being killed to make a profit and claims that the government put AIDS in the Black community on “Amy” featuring Trinidad James.

Banner, who has spent the last few years honing his skills as a producer across genres and industries shows off his rock chops on “Judy Blare” and “Traffic On Mars” and creeps into R&B territory on “Marry Me.” But the highlight of his production comes on the lead single “My Uzi” featuring Big Krit and UGK where he builds a hook around a lost Pimp C verse and ends the song with an orchestra playing something that sounds straight out of a Disney movie. Now that he’s independent, older and wiser, Banner sheds all of the labels people tried to put on him and just spits raw raps, especially on “August” which should have been a longer song.

EDITOR’S SUGGESTION: Listen to “Wizdom Selah” every day in the morning before you start your day and again before you got to sleep.

We make excuses for both the positive things and the negative things that we want to do in life. Health is just something that you have to agree on, that you're serious about. My trainer, Scott Parker, has had his roster triple since me.

I see artists being more health conscious, and the thing I figured out is you can use people's envy and turn it into something positive. You know, I'm running 5, 6, 7 games of basketball again, I run the canyon a lot in LA, and I actually enjoy doing it.

We saw an old interview you did, where you explained that you tried to lose weight, not to get girls or to look better, but because you had health concerns. I had high blood pressure, really high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and I was really close to diabetes.

And the doctor was like, "that's a deadly combination." The doctor said, "you really gotta' get it together." I just took it as a challenge.

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