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This talent of his has been used on other cases like that of the dead elderly couple in "The Theory of Everything", to determine if cyanide had anything to do with their death. Hodges has a cat named Kobayashi Maru, an apparent reference to the no-win training scenario administered to Star Fleet Academy students, as seen in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and the eleventh Star Trek film. K" or "Kobe" in the seventh season episode "Monster in the Box".

In the episode "Wild Life" from season 11, Hodges confesses to Sara he is ornithophobic (afraid of birds).

Hodges is also known for having an unusually acute sense of smell, and is able to identify many chemical compounds by their odor alone.

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Grissom, however, appears to find Hodges annoying and often tells Hodges to report his findings to other CSIs or asks him to leave his office.

He is also apparently an aficionado of country-soul singer Willis; in the seventh season episode "Post Mortem" Hodges is seen dancing in the laboratory to a down-tempo cover of the song "Word Up! In a season 5 episode,"Iced", Hodges is revealed to have a "genetic quirk" that allows someone to be able to smell if cyanide is present, and Doc Robbins uses this unique ability to test if two victims died of cyanide poisoning.

While many people do have the ability to smell cyanide, Hodges's ability is more acute than most and appears to extend to other chemical compounds besides cyanide. Pistachios are his favorite nut because they are "easy to open".

" This prompts Grissom to respond, "Watson was a genius in his own right." Perhaps because of this, he is unfriendly toward his would-be new colleague, Raymond Langston, even going so far as to waste Langston's time while making him wait to get trace evidence processed.

However, later on in the episode "The Grave Shift", he does state to Langston that he's impressed after Langston demonstrates the construction and detonation of a cornmeal time-bomb made to kill a victim.

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