Who is aaron rodgers dating dec 2016

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And that they make cute Instagram videos lip-synching to Mariah Carey and acting out scenes from movies?And that Rodgers makes a delicious beef, rice and vegetable dish?Munn talked about their sex life and the cute Instagram videos were released, timed just prior to the start of this season.Then, last week, Sports Illustrated ran its lengthy cover story, "Who is Aaron Rodgers? Athletes such as Troy Aikman, Kordell Stewart, Mike Piazza and Jeff Garcia all at one time had rumors about them being gay.

But if in doubt, she could always turn to her modeling career (CLICK HERE FOR OLIVIA MUNN PICS). She could always leak more of these: (CLICK HERE TO SEE OLIVIA MUNN NSFW NUDE PICS).

In denying the rumors, I wish Rodgers had said something to the effect of "I'm not gay, not that there's anything wrong with that," but he didn't.

Instead, he called such a suggestion "crazy" and "silly." There is nothing "silly" about someone being gay, and it's not a crazy thought that a pro athlete could prefer men.

It was the kind of stuff seen on gossip sites all the time, thinly sourced and yet titillating.

Outsports did not write about this since it was all speculation based on appearances and innuendo.

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