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Against her initial judgement and Ryan's protests, Max follows her where they engage in a fist fight, whereupon Giselle gains the upperhand and makes her way toward Grand Central Station.In the subway tunnels, Ryan and Max search for Giselle.In Reflection, Ryan drives to Connecticut to meet Max and detain Giselle.They hold her in the motel room and attempt to gain knowledge of Joe's whereabouts.On the first anniversary of Joe's death, Max plans for Ryan to meet her boyfriend, Chris when in fact her true intention was to provide Ryan with company on such a momentous day.

This seems to impress Mike as he too has shown his ability with computers.

After hitting Ryan on the platform, Giselle boards a train to Connecticut.

The episode ends with Max on the train with her, knowing she would lead them to Joe or Lily Gray.

In addition, she and Mike appeared to be developing a relationship throughout the second season.

Their first kiss is shared in their last scene of the finale episode of Season 2. Max was born in the mid 1980s to Ryan's older brother, Ray.

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