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If not, you could always stay and remake with Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson.” Harsh words for a young star with an obvious temper problem.

Yet just three short years later, the site is lauding him for being a “hopeless romantic” around Valentine’s Day.

When I was a kid, mum wanted me to experiment with everything, so she took me to football practice, to rugby, tennis, swimming, racing cars – and she took me to modelling castings.

She gave me the variety of experiences to see what I wanted to do.

And a lot of people can’t really deal with the after-effects of that, if something does go wrong. I do get fan mail from girls but it’s mainly gifts and them asking me to sign stuff. There isn’t really much conversation that goes on but there are all those feelings there.

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And yet, via our major publications, we’ve moved on, we’ve forgotten, and we’re willing to turn a blind eye to his past exploits, without any good reason to do so. Chris Brown, granted whose transgressions far eclipsed Pettyfer’s as far as we know, has been under constant scrutiny since he abused Rihanna in the hours leading up to the 2009 Grammy’s.

But even he’s been able to resurrect a career, proving that the turned eye isn’t necessarily limited by race.

Is it our willingness to forgive celebrities and their behavior because it’s so far removed from our actual daily lives?

Were you nervous about playing a novice stripper in Magic Mike? I went to some male strip clubs in Hollywood to see how they worked, which was a funny experience.

When you work on a movie like that, everyone is working hard to try to get the best body but you really can’t be better than Matthew Mc Conaughey or Joe Mangianello, who, by the way, is 6ft 6in; I still don’t understand how he has the body he has.

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