Which two real world brooklyn cast members are dating

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The two seemed committed and could even stand to be in the presence of their exes.

The relationship lasted after filming ended, but by the time he was back for Fresh Meat 2, Wes was looking for love in different people.

Rachel & Jenn (Real World Denver) the two quickly hooked up during The Island, but when they were reunited on The Duel 2 sparks flew again.

Aneesa became jealous of the two and thus revealed her relationship with Rachel, which is why they’re now Battle of the Exes partners.

Mandi & Chet (Real World Brooklyn) if there’s any couple that had less action that Paula & Mike, this is probably it.

Somehow the two started flirting during Cutthroat, but the only think more difficult for Mandi than this relationship was winning a Gulag. Although the attraction was clear, CT ditched Mandi for a different girl.

Now, Chance is a young father to his 2-year-old daughter Brooklyn, and he sings to her every night.Now that we all know which Exes are on “Battle of the Exes” have you ever wondered which cast members could have been paired with someone else?Here’s a list of some of the other couples that have happened in the past.Tyrie & Angel (Viewers Revenge) the two began to get cuddly on The Gauntlet 3.The Angel got voted off and Tyrie had to leave to attend to medical needs…his girlfriend’s medical needs.

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