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Around the same time, in 1887, the Beaumont Hotel opened in Ouray, attracting a new clientele to the area.

Designed after the Brown Palace in Denver, the elegant hotel was known as the finest in Western Colorado.

(Cascade Falls can also be seen from several vantage points across the city, so you're likely to catch a glimpse whether you have time to go or not). Check out the Bachelor Syracuse Mine Tour, about a mile outside of town.

Tour guides will take you deep into an actual mine and help you understand just how tough it was to be a miner at the turn of the 20th century.

Ouray was officially incorporated on October 2, 1876, and one year later about 1,000 people had moved there.

Soon, ore mining in the surrounding hills had also taken off, and Ouray was becoming the central shipping and logistics center for the region.

If you're willing to make a bit of a drive (and have a four-wheel drive vehicle), the Animas Forks ghost town is more than worth it.

Chief Ouray died in 1880 and was highly respected by both Native American tribes throughout the country as well as by the government officials he dealt with throughout his life.The pool opened on July 4, 1927, and one of the largest crowds in Ouray’s history attended the opening.The pool has been in operation ever since, but is currently closed as it is being completely renovated for the first time since that original construction.And with Ouray's wide range of outdoor sights and activities, it has always been a popular destination.The town of Ouray is named after a Ute Indian Chief, Chief Ouray.

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