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But your account will not be seen by users in mainland of China.

Sending Messages Sending Faces or Emoticons Sending Voice Messages Sticker Shop Adding Contacts Creating Group Chats Comment and Like Moments Post Moments Games Community Q&A Not all people know about the different functions of We Chat, although most are familiar with Whats App.

Also, Apple and Android haven’t yet shipped a phone with QR codes pre-loaded, while every time when a user downloads We Chat, it comes with a QR code and a QR code reader. If you don’t have any operations in China, you can request Tencent to create an account for you.For example, if you post a photo and your friend comments on it with an obscene joke, you don’t need to worry that your other friends will see his comment — unless they are also friends with the profane jester. Tencent didn’t open Moments to advertisers until January of 2015 when it unveiled Sponsored Moments.Because of those private features, many users prefer We Chat over other social networks and Tencent doesn’t want to over-commercialize We Chat. We Chat selected around 50 brand advertisers for the initial trial, including Coca-Cola and BMW.A Moments ad includes brand account, a HTML5 link that is hosted on Tencent’s server as well as up to 6 images and an ad description within 40 characters.BMW’s ad, for example, consists of an image and a short caption with a tiny “Sponsored” button in the top right corner of the ad.

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