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To tie you in a hogtieand not let you out, and when you are tied they start to use you, your mouth becomes their cumdump, your ass becomes their tool to explore and use, you have no say, these Masters/Male Doms are in control – They are the real man, you are the useless faggot, slave submissive.

Torture Muscle bdsm gay The kinky S&M Scene is always full of strict dominant males who are alway son the look out for the ( bottoms) The subs who will submit to them and do what ever they are told From severe canings, spankings,control and manipulation our gaybdsm is by far the most superior, we have guys who just love being Dom and it shows when you are in a session with them.

We are a real-time, real life couple living in a 24/7 BDSM Master/slave relationship. We have a huge variety of interests ranging from mild to pretty hardcore.

She: 23, 5'1, 125lbs, 36C, shaved/waxed, long blonde hair, hazel/green eyes and a HUGE libido. Very obedient and submissive to her Master she will be any kind of slut she's told to be and love every minute of it.

He: 52, 5'10, 220lbs, 7 inches, long brown hair, dark brown eyes. Very dominant Alpha-male type and loves to show off his little slut. Do you have any fantasies that maybe porn just doesn't quite fulfill?

I would love to have an after gym rendezvous with a hot muscle guy in high top shoes. I would have to say that my muscle ass is my trademark.I have NEVER experienced that just yet, and would love to make it a reality! Also, as a side note, please do not hold back with me.I am very open and I do not think anyone should feel that a request / fantasy is odd in any way!I am an Italian man with a HOT muscle ass and a BIG donkey dick! FYI, I know how to use all of the equipment that I have been blessed with.

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