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Since you are not going to have your pi connected to a monitor or have a keyboard and mouse, I also recommend enabling Secure Shell (SSH) in your pi so that you can remote control your Raspberry Pi over your local network.Finally, it is a good thing to force a static IP address so that you can easily find the webcam server even if pi restarts.Your webcam can be much more than just a communication device - it can help protect your property while you are away.Webcam Monitor provides you with email notification along with a photo directly into your mailbox as soon as a motion or noise intrusion is detected by your webcam.Traditional wireless CCTV cameras are cheap but anyone with a wireless receiver can view your signal.

To prepare your SD card and install Raspbian I recommend following Adafruit’s excellent tutorials here.Here’s how to do that: First get ‘pip’, a tool which allows you to easily install python packages:growl = gntp.notifier.Security in Mexico City is quite an issue, even more when you live in a quite unsafe street like I do. The Pi runs a Linux OS and can interface with either a usb webcam or there is a camera add-on which is quite cheap.You can customize alerts so that you can even receive video and audio recordings, snapshots with date and time, alarms and SMS notifications.In addition, you can automatically upload recorded video, audio, and snaps to an FTP server of your choice.

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