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According to Sara, it is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and probably greater, for it extends into the worlds of justice, politics, education, and entertainment and also dispelled the myth that celebrities are flawless. In my evaluation, Youtube success is based on its users, content and design.

Its users are young internet savvy content designers themselves, communicating and socializing via the Web.

Its huge and sudden popularity made it the Internet phenomenon of 2006.So that even though he lives very far from me, it felt like he was sort of everywhere, all the time. And then I tell myself that I have to admit that I'm dating him.I got tired, so tired that I actually sent the kids to school one day and went back to bed and missed all my meetings. I didn't know you wanted to see me.” I said, “Are you nuts? I'm not sure what that means, but the only reason I'm not doing it is because I'm holding out for some amorphous online brand that will perfectly complement my own.” I say, “No.” He says, “We're trying to hire her.” So I check out her blog and dis her and he says, “She was dating Matt Mullenweg.” I say, “Really.” He says, “Yeah. But I am not saying that he's my boyfriend because maybe I want my boyfriend to have as big a brand as Matt. I have to call you back in maybe ten years.” That was the first thing.I was talking with my business partner and we both thought it must really suck for her that they are not dating anymore but they are still mentioned in the same breath a lot.” “Really? For forever, girls have been looking for guys with a ton of money — even the smart girls. Of many things that are the result of me spending way too much time talking and writing to D.

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