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Everyone sticks to what and who they know until they see opportunity for personal gain with you.Yeah, I’ve meet a handful of people who I could tell didn’t care for me.Albeit the comments on this video have showed the majority do agree with my opinion on the nation’s capital.So let’s get to breaking it down, why Jouelzy can’t wait until August 25th when she’ll be boarding that one way flight to Houston.

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I know who’s who here and I thought coming to DC, where quite a few notable vloggers/bloggers live that it would be easier to connect with folks. Folks don’t have to be friends but that word of mouth about events and such would pass easily amongst us. In a city where the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) can happen a mile from my house and I not hear a peep about…natural hair events happen here and no one knows about it. You find out about things after the fact on Instagram.I’m fine because I’m not part of the natural hair community anyways, but why do an event to build your brand and just promote to your same ten friends? Clearly not me, but I do think there are people who enjoy the city.The common attributes are they are either really into their (mega) church, sorority/fraternity, have family in the area, or have their own family, write for Washington Post, The Root or Slate and/or comfortable being creatures of habit. Just not me, because it’s too easy for me to get stuck in my ways and stick to being a loner here. I enjoy creating memories with others and being an ever evolving person who can learn from those around me.Saddest part of it all is the one person I did meet who invited me out, was an epic liar.I can’t even say any more on that because then I would be messy. There’s just an air of aloofness, where people don’t think to invite, intermingle and collaborate organically.

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