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I`d like a little more variety in the sexual action and I always want more lesbian stuff than most people, but this was a decent game. Same goes for the animations, some were on point while others were just awful. I agree with Daddio: Good graphics, but since you know nothing about the girl and there are no clues, you end up guessing which is the right path. " (Inf 10) "I like non-fiction." (Inf 10) Continue "Do you feel like dancing?Which means repeated plays just to find out what she likes. " Dance MOVE CLOSER (Inf 5) Put your arms around her Kiss her (Inf 10) Finish kissing (req Inf 60) Take her phone number (Inf 30) CONTINUE TO TOMMORROW NIGHT [Go to Apartment 1] Apartment 1 NB.

The game was very enjoyable, challenging at first, but after a few hours, and slow progression, (and the help of comments) I was finally able to get the scene, the only thing that made it feel a bit weird was the voice over, sometimes it just didn`t feel right.

Which means repeated plays just to find out what she likes. The following is one path through the game that makes most of the content visible. You`re gorgeous just from behind." (Inf 5) "Can I buy you a drink? However, the mall is the objectively better choice since it`s worth more points and allows you to buy several items that unlock extra content.] Downtown "Let`s go downtown." Go downtown (Time 2) CONTINUE "Let`s get something to eat." Take a seat "Let`s start with a salad." "Then, let`s have the pasta." "Then the cheesecake." Order and eat (Inf 10) Leave the restaurant TURN LEFT "Let`s try the bar." Enter the bar "Sure.

Let`s dance." FINISH DANCING (Inf 3; Lust 5) "Yeah. Let`s go." (Inf 3) "Let`s head back to my apartment." ENTER APARTMENT (requires Inf 44) [go to Apartment 2] Mall "Let`s go to the mall." Go to the mall (Time 2) CONTINUE "Let`s go upstairs." Follow her upstairs "Let`s get a drink at the bar." Order a drink "Give me two glasses of wine." Drink (Inf 5) "Let me buy you something at the gift store." Pick something to buy [At this point you have a choice of three objects you can buy.

The woman is hot and its worth all the time you lost when you find youreself starting the game cause you dont know what to do and everything is refuse by her except call the night or sleep. I really like this game, it was the first one I played.

Great graphic and animation but a little slow on my computer when changing the images. Was a little tricky to figure out to begin with, but I eventually got there. This game was amazing so I imagine that one is just as good if not better.

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