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And, unlike earlier games, which could be stopped and started and lasted for limited periods of time, Love Plus is played out continuously in real time.It could, potentially, be played 24 hours a day for a lifetime – the game ends only if the 'relationship’ flounders.Our aim,’ he continues, 'is to make people feel the girls inside the game really are their girlfriends: that they are pretty and have real feelings for them.’ So real were the feelings of one besotted player that he 'married’ his virtual girlfriend, Nene, in a mock ceremony streamed live on the internet last year.'It might seem strange to have feelings for a game character, but people have feelings for characters in novels or TV dramas.It is a tense gathering: Uchida’s is the only relaxed face amid a row of suited Konami communications officers.Some virtual-dating games are sexually explicit and Konami is extremely anxious that it’s made clear Love Plus is not in the same vein.'She is very cute but the most attractive feature is how difficult it is. But I don’t begrudge the effort because it helps make us closer.

He has granted Stella a rare interview, which takes place in a meeting-room at Konami’s headquarters, set in the gleaming Tokyo Midtown development in the Roppongi district.

Key to its success is its ability to simulate real conversation.

Players talk to their girlfriends through a built-in microphone, and the girlfriends talk back, the software having selected an appropriate response from hundreds of thousands of pre-recorded phrases.

'We’ve been stunned how happy this makes those customers,’ he told one reporter.

Last year Konami hosted a sell-out Christmas concert in Tokyo, in which life-sized holograms of the girlfriends performed on stage – a rare opportunity for fans to see the object of their affections outside the console screen.

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