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Writing your scripts as a text files gives you full control over your dialog flows.You a can easily process and upgrade your conversational code with back-end scripts and tools.Bruce still develops and maintains the project today. In fact, version 6.8 just came out a few weeks ago.Chat Script is one of few OPENSOURCE chatbots NLProc engines!For example, you could automatically update Chat Script dialog rules based on records in your database.You could even use machine learning tools to mine conversations logs.Let’s dive into the basics of Chat Script and meet a chatbot named Harry.Some of these steps may be a bit different depending on what operating system you’re using. You don’t actually have to go through these steps to enjoy this article if you don’t want to. First of all clone the Chat Script Git Hub repository: Chat Script EVSERVER Version 6.8 64 bit LINUX compiled Aug 16 2016 host=local Params: dict:720895 fact:800000 text:70000kb hash:50000 buffer:22x80kb cache:1x5000kb userfacts:100Word Net: dict=201350 fact=85710 stext=12703744 Jul26'16-Build0: dict=67726 fact=130289 stext=1145656 Jul31'16- 0Build1: dict=167 fact=15 stext=211304 Jul31'16- harry Used 53MB: dict 269,244 (23693kb) hashdepth 18/1 fact 216,014 (8640kb) text 14183kb buffer (1760kb) cache (5000kb) POS: 918 (29kb)Free 79MB: dict 451,651 hash 924 fact 583,986 text 55,816KBStandalone mode makes for an excellent Chat Script development environment.

But Darcy believes technology can help–even if it hasn’t fulfilled its promise so far.

Even though the sample size for the study, published in was small–about 70 young adults who self-identified as having depression or anxiety–the bot was able to reduce symptoms in a meaningful way.“If a clinical psychologist could do that, you’d be thrilled,” Darcy says.

Still, while the results are promising, they’re still preliminary.

It allows you to run interactive conversations, then interact with them using :commands.

This is a special set of interactive command tools for testing and debugging your dialogs during the development and debug phase.

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