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You should therefore check in the document display () that the field content is correct before validating the form: Once you just click the content of a red framed field (if the confidence level is low), or you modify the field content (if the field value is incorrect), the frame becomes green, meaning that you have manually approved or fixed the content of the field.

When you click an existing green framed field, a tooltip displays the original warning information that is now considered to be approved.

You can modify the document display and add annotations on the document display when the annotation toolbar is available () .

You can manage your document (save/reject/post,etc.) with the toolbar on the bottom of the page (area ): To get started with the validation, you must learn how to: When a document is displayed next to the validation form, you can use it to locate a captured value on the document display, or to select a value that appears on the document display.

Use these buttons accordingly: Use this option to rotate the page in the document display. The modification of the data extraction process for a particular document variation during the validation step is called Click this button to forward the validation form to another user for cross-checking purposes.

Beware that this option appears only if you are working with a TIFF file. Your modifications will be saved prior to forwarding the validation form.

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The split bar is displayed between the form fields and the document preview area.

Tip You can move the document preview either by using the vertical or horizontal scrollbars, line.

Red lines indicate that there is a warning related to the field.

In this case, it will display: Notes To avoid errors, the form can't be approved until every red surrounded field has been manually approved.

The information displayed in tooltips can be customized. You can select a value directly on the document display using different methods: .

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