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There are basically two settings that we can manipulate to get what we want.

No auto-restart for schedule Automatic Updates installations – It will disable automatic restart and disable the dialog box asking you to restart now or later Re-prompt for restart with scheduled installations – It lets you edit the interval of the appearance of the dialog box in minutes.

Your computer needs to be restarted for updates to take effect.

Windows will restart your computer automatically in minutes. And, if I didn’t address it’s question, the countdown continued from 15 to 0. Finally, I reached the point where it was creating more angst for me than holding out was worth. I said, “Okay, let’s do this so I can get back to being productive.” For 2 hours now, I have been hard at work with NO popups reminding me, delaying me, interfering with me, hindering my productivity, creating emotional issues for me, sidetracking me…. We find it easier, or more convenient, to click “Restart Later” and hope “later” never comes. We say, “If these irritating reminders would just stop…go away…everything will be okay…I can focus okay if the memories will just…stop! The reminders continue to pop up, to interrupt, to interfere, to cause chaos with our emotions.

The problem arises when we choose to restart later.

A Windows Update popup will come out anytime afterwards and it reads “Updating your computer is almost complete.

So, instead of pausing a few minutes to allow the computer to complete its precious updating process, I continuously clicked on “Restart Later.” And, I griped about it – each time. Healing will restart your psyche automatically in minutes.

Hubby said, “Just let it go ahead and restart.” My reply?

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