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When an Incident is created for Verizon, creates a Verizon Trouble Ticket.

There are variations to the create Ticket SOAP messages in the form of create Ticket(proudct type) that creates messages specifically for the identified product types.

The correlation_id field value in incident is used as the unique identifier to update a Verizon trouble ticket.

The following is a list of Verizon Web Services that Service Now supports.

The staging data is then transformed into insert or update events against Service Now incidents based on coalescing on a unique identifier between the two systems.

The correlation_id field in incident is used to contain a unique identifier from the Verizon trouble ticket.

Due to the expertise required, we recommend that you engage Professional Services or one of our certified partners to implement this plugin.

Note: This integration is not a standard plugin that you can enable and configure on-the-fly.When Verizon determines that the issue is resolved and should be verified as closed, it will invoke the publish ETMSActivity Web Service to set this state in the incident.You have the choice to set the state to Close Fix Verified or any other state to reopen the incident.When an existing Verizon trouble ticket is updated, this Web Service request is posted to Service Now, causing a row to be inserted into the ETMS Publish Activity (vz_etmsactivity) import set.The data is then transformed into comments that are added to the e-bonded incident.

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